Bodger's Hovel
Some light-hearthed ideas in apparently darkening times


Enjoy our selection of Bodgey videos from Geoff...
great to see so many videos made before it was too late.
The videos shown below are in a rough order for educational purposes
or watch them all one after the other in the top YouTube playlist.

Through Paul Taylor it was discovered that a video of Geoff existed
of Geoff's 90 minute Biochar presentation in an alternative energy workshop
at The Castle on the Hill, Uki.
In the last few weeks permission was obtained to upload a copy for public viewing.
This is great for us and great for Biochar.
It was filmed and edited by Paul Tait from Gaia Films in Nimbin.
Read the supporting text here on Vimeo.

Playlist - with all demonstration videos in one
Watch all the videos one after the other in the same player here (about 40 minutes)
or scroll down to watch them one at a time.

Individual demonstration videos
How to create tins for pyrolysis

This video shows Geoff describing how to do basic pyrolysis
in the home fireplace or fuel stove and shows the different stages of pyrolysis.  

Combustibility of pyrolysed household items.

Purple blooms in pyrolysed charcoal.
What are they and why do they disappear when you blow on them?

This stove runs on fan forced biochar combustion
in a converted oil tin with a computer fan

This is a demonstration of how to prepare, pack, ignite, burn and evaluate
a home-scale bulk pyrolyser to produce BioChar fuel and Agri-char
just using an inverted drum and fire shroud.

Geoff demonstrates step by step instructions how to build his Pheonix 1 kiln
from start to finish in order to produce good amounts of BioChar
for fuel and Agri-Char for the home garden or farm. Complete.

Watch NBN News story on Sustainability Expo in WMV format
or here is the YouTube version

Geoff joined the Generator to demonstrate the results of his pyrolisis
using home made equipment that completely burns all the fuel in biomass without oxygen,
leaving the carbon dioxide behind.
A rare video of Geoff mucking around with his solar refector/collector