Behind the Bodgers' logo

The star-burst you see in green and gold is from my hand drawn B&W enlargement.
The original appeared at the very endpoint of each hypnotic chapter of the seventies classic Mind Games.
The authors were Masters and Huston. 

 John Lennon did play them and wrote that song about them.
The chapters were each a ritual of relaxation and spiritual visionary journey,
in imaginary landscapes,
each with their teaching gift.
I played the whole series,
some of them in groups as big as 30.
Under the star-burst there were the words...


...i just wish the whole world would wake up,
and i really hope someone out there will recognise the logo,
hover over it,
read this,
and remember,
and start teaching truth as a subversive activity.



Note: This is actually the original style of the page that was supplied to me by Geoff,
created by him in MS Word and exported as a web page. Webmaster.

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