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Directly below are a selection of anonymous condolence messages received via email and below those are the first of the messages from the Condolence Book that was at the Funeral and the Wake.
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In Loving Memory
Geoff Moxham
1950 – 2009

I have just arrived home from a celebration of the local midwife, Jillian, where I learned about the death of Geoff. I am shocked and saddened.

I only met Geoff for the first time at the Biochar day held at Djanbung Gardens last Wednesday. I was immediately touched by his integrity, capacity to learn and exchange his immense experience with others and an obvious love of the earth.

I offer my condolences to all that were close to him.

With Love...

I knew of the accident but am very glad to know a little
more about it. I've known Geoff since 1975, but only recently reconnected
more closely through the biochar project and Rainforest Information Centre.

I am very sad. He will be much missed by a lot of people, but I agree
that he was well prepared. On a much larger level, I think he probably
knew exactly what he was doing and that his exit at this time is part of
something we may not be consciously aware of.

My heart goes out to all his family.

I'm shocked and saddened to hear of Geoff's passing, and you and the Moxham family have my heartfelt condolences.

I will make every effort to attend the funeral - please keep me up to date with details.

I had only met Geoff recently, having been introduced to him through Wayne, who told me he knew a fellow greenie (Geoff) working on a worthwhile enviro project (the biochar kiln), and had a good use for the spare roofing tin I had.

While I'd only met Geoff in person once, and hadn't yet met his family, he immediately came across as being a decent, likeable & genuine bloke, and I'm saddened that I no longer have the opportunity to get to know him better.

Thank you also for keeping Geoff's website as a momento of him and his work, and for taking the effort to keep people in the loop.

Again, my thoughts are with you & the family.

My best to you....

Very very sad news.  Thank you so much for telling me.  I would like to be kept in the loop regarding funeral details.  

I did not know Geoff well, but I saw him as a person of great care and compassion.  Those qualities will be sorely missed not only to his very dear family and friends but also in this world.

I am very shocked and saddened at the untimely departure of Geoff.

I have know Geoff for quite a few years and held him in high regard for his devotion to his beliefs.

He was a very decent human being and I will miss our friendly banter and common belief in a better world.

Please keep me informed of the funeral arrangements.

Yours with sorrow

Condolences on the tragic death of Geoff.

Though Sue and I were not close to Geoff, we admired his commitment to
the development of biochar, and have helped publicise many of the
workshops and demonstrations that he presented.

I have attached a photo taken by Sue at a sustainability
workshop at the Castle on the Hill, Uki on 5th July.

I would like to run an 'in memoriam' for Geoff in our September
edition, including an excerpt from your email, if that's OK.

The paper will be distributed on the 3rd September, so please let us
know the funeral arrangements as soon as they are finalised, for

Thank you for taking on the communications role at this sad time. We
very much appreciated receiving your email.

I share your shock and sense of loss of Geoff, and want to honour the great gift that comes to us through him.

With Love and Thanks

I deeply appreciate your email and knowing what happened – I had a message from Gilbert last night  that he’d had a fatal accident with a tree – please keep me in the loop and let me know when the funeral will be and memorial/wake.

I will pass on your news to the permaculture students he taught here a few weeks ago. He really inspired them. It was wonderful having Geoff give workshops here over the past few years and we will miss him as a dear friend and as a valued colleague of our Bioregional Campus.

My thoughts and prayers, love and light are with you and Vanessa

Oh dear what a shock! Jeni and I have known Geoff since
1976, we met in Sydney and then rediscovered each other here in 78. So
we are particularly sad about this . Like myself Geoff was totally
self sufficient in his survival skills and obviously felt safe doing a
job like that alone . We also recognise that there is a very
powerful karma around chopping down trees in this area even though we
are doing it in the appropriate way of personal use and not making
wood chips we can still get caught.


Thanks for letting me know.  I helped on the 540 project with geoff and Andy so am shocked to hear of his passing.

Please keep me in the loop.


I just heard this morning I'm in shock please let me know the time and place of the service I'll contact others in the meantime see you there

Regards and Condolences

I was sorry to hear the news of such a tragic accident to such a fine man.
Of course we'll include this in this issue and if you or anyone else would like to submit a longer obituary after the funeral then please do so.

I hope you're doing the best you can in such difficult circumstances.

I only knew Geoff from an active e-mail exchange over the last several
months, working with John Seed always in the loop. Geoff's e-mails were
always looked forward to as we three shared the same values.

Geoff's comments were always strong, forceful, and right on target. I am feeling
the loss a lot. I hope you will tell Chimie and Vanessa that Geoff had
many friends in the Biochar and forest preservation communities who will
miss him a great deal.

Very sorry to hear about Geoff's untimely death. I had never met him but
found his internet information on biochar, emails and obvious passion for
doing things sustainably as a real inspiration.

Kind regards...

Geoff was a dear friend of ours over many years & I had no idea of his fate till I received your email. I’m so shocked and saddened.

I will of course put this tribute in the VJ.

My sincere condolences to you and the rest of the family.
Geoff was & will always be one of our great pioneering heroes.
What a terrible loss to our rainbow region.
He is absolutely irreplaceable.


This is a truly tragic event and one which sees the world a much less wholesome place. Geoff was a great man, active, passionate, smart and committed to the benefit of all life. This news has rocked me immensely.
How can it be true that Geoff Moxham has passed on so suddenly? My love, heartfelt thoughts, and greatest possible blessings are extended to all who knew him.
Love and best wishes in this tragic time

Blessed be Geoff
He was a good man Pip and the world is a worse place without him

I am sad...

Greetings from afar - can't attend the funeral - but please send my
condolences to Vanessa and all involved with the biochar project (and all
who knew him..)

He was lucky to be in such a supportive community such as


So sorry to hear your news

With kind regards

So sorry about Geoff.. Very very weird and maybe a highly evolved
spin from the mortal coil!? Hope all the family stuff is ok for you. Such a
sudden event...I have been having my own reflections of mortality and such.

Peace to you and yours...

I am devastated as I know we all are by Geoff's death, especially given that he was out cutting rafters for the project shed at the time of his passing.

My heart felt condolences on the unexpected passing of Geoff.

I saw the story about Geoff in the Byron Echo online and I am
wondering if you wrote that article and do you have the photo used?

Mandala magazine asked me to write an obituary for their next edition
and I would like to use that photo if it's OK.

I will be attending the funeral on Friday, so see you then.


I am so sad to hear of geoff's tragic accident, My heart and prayers go to his family.
 I hope to talk at the funeral.  

I am so deeply saddened to hear of Geoff's tragic death.
His memory will live long within me, though I will miss him greatly.

I just learned the passing of Geoff, I am still under the shock, I cannot believe it .
Janet, Cielle and me are so sad and shocked.
I am working  friday but I will find a time to come, Janet and Cielle are coming anyway.
Give my sympathie and condoleances to his family.

See you

Please pass on our deepest sincere condolences to his family  ……from everyone here at   g.r.e.e.n hemp aust ....just got the sad news ...we are in Melb.
Hope today goes as well as possible for you and everyone there.
Kind regards...

My heartfelt sympathies to you, Vanessa, Chimie and your family and friends.
I only met Geoff once, at a biochar conference in Surfers Paradise earlier this year. He made a big impression on me and I thought, thank goodness for people like Geoff in the world. I was looking forward to meeting him again and working with him. I will be meditating and praying for him and all of you close to him and for his peaceful transition.

With love and peace...

Thanks for writing that obit in the Echo. I did not know Geoff very well, having spoken to him only briefly at the last alternative exhibition at the Lismore Fairgrounds last year. However, not more than a couple of weeks ago, I was reintroduced to him by a friend at the Goanna Cafe and had a very long lunch conversation concerning biochar and the challenges of establishing scientific rigor to experiments concerning it.

Thanks for your time and kind attention, and I offer my condolences on this occasion of great and sudden sadness.

im so sorry for your loss,
for Vanessa and the children,

Sending you love

Thanks for letting us know. Sad, but feel blessed to have known
He was one of a kind! Well, we all are, but you know what i
mean ! I'll miss not bumping
into him every few years. He definitely added colour to our lives,
and his memory will
continue to do so.

Much love to you and all yrs and geoff's family... xxxx

It was with extreme shock that I heard the other day of Geoff's tragic death.

Although I am unknown to Geoff's family and friends I would like to send my dearest heartfelt emotions to them and express my condolences to them on losing such a special man from their lives.

I can only say that he was an extremely passionate, funny, caring and intensely warm person. The day I met him, I was over awed by his passion regarding his work at the Rain Forest Information Centre and his acute awareness and depth of knowledge regarding sustainability issues around the globe.

I met him and Paul on the Gold Coast at the International Biochar Conference a few months ago and spent a few hours with him, having dinner and drinks over a few nights.

When Geoff spoke at the conference he had everyone listening and in stitches. We were all very impressed with his presentation and his self effacing humour. It was after meeting him and Paul Taylor at the conference that my colleagues and I decided to donate some moneys to the RIC, so that they could undertake their amazing groundbreaking work on biochar production and education.

I hope that his family and friends can continue to carry his torch for some time and that his ideas and values evolve into something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

May we all enjoy Peace and Happiness,

he is well loved and missed.
all love

What a wonderful tribute and great respect you have shown to your dear and most beautiful brother.
He was truly an amazing individual and yes he will be sorely missed.
I found him to be an awesome inspiration, fearsome debater, wonderful thinker and tireless planeteer. Sadly there are too few in our world like him.
May I extend to you and all his family my most deep, sincere and heartfelt thanks for being part of his life and sharing his life and death with us.
It is important we celebrate life as well as death as both are an inevitable part of being a human sentient being.
With loving gratitude and fond memories of Geoff I wish you peace and health.

"The cloud weeps, and then the garden sprouts. The baby cries, and the mother's milk flows. The nurse of creation has said, 'Let them cry a lot'. This rain-weeping and sun-burning twine together to make us grow. Keep your intelligence white-hot and your grief glistening. So your life will stay fresh. Cry easily like a little child." 

I was at Geoff's funeral and still feel a deep sadness, even though I know that life goes on and we all must die ..... sometime.

Love and Peace...

I was at the funeral & wake: the best funeral I've ever been to :-) , tears AND laughter.

thank you for the energy you're putting into 'finalising' Geoff's business (can't find the right word for it), for letting us all know what's been happening, & particularly your input at the funeral.

all the best with your own life/process.


Thanks, much appreciated.... what a lovely light happy optimistic soul brother we have lost. No doubt Geoff will be as happy as ever where ever his soul is.

I was talking with him about extending the biochar project and about electric and human powered vehicles. Thanks I would like to offer support to his family.

Cheers peace and love

I am a member of the Biochar forum and got the sad news via them.
I was stunned.
My first contact with Geoff was in March this year. I was seeking help to access the Bodger’s site.
He was most helpful and keen to give advice on my own quest to produce biochar to regenerate my much degraded land.

We only communicated a few times. We both resolved to keep in contact. Unfortunately I began working long hours through necessity and to my regret had no contact since.
I was feeling rather isolated here. Geoff heightened my enthusiasm for the production of biochar and his passing has deepened my resolve.
Condolences and kind regards

Our Deepest and heartfelt condolences to all of the Prof. Moxham's family, colleagues, and students.

His life and works will continue to bare fruit around this earth. Let us draw from his inspiring vision and practice to rally forward as he would so sing.

We send you all our prayers and hopes. ...there is no end only change.

In fraternal support from your brothers and sisters in Arabia...

I only met Geoff once at Channon Markets while he was doing a little bio char demo. In the small time that we had together he gave me his fullest and sincerest attention. A very kind and enthusiastic man who was nice enough to pass on some of his pearls of wisdom to me during our conversation.

One thing that really stands out for me and that I keep remembering from our conversation is what he said to me about community. He said 'community will be the currency of the future'. For me, it's a really profound statement, is deep and has many layers too, and I think it's not just what one person may think it means either.

For me, having returned to work in London I've learnt that community doesn't have to just mean an eco village community but can also mean communities within cities. Community is simply about people living together in love. When people live in love, the community becomes the currency because they love and help one another - that is the simple, and profound exchange, and it's something that a lot of us already know, and some of us who just need to be reminded.

I wish that he could have stayed on to have passed on that message of wisdom to more people like me but I think that now that he's passed on we can all honor him by simply keeping that message alive within ourselves. I know that will be my aim.

Peace to you Geoff


we hadn't yet met personally.
geoff offered to help make pyrolysis stoves for a project in kenya i'm working with.
i was going to ask if he was interested in organising workshops in kenya to teach them to make the stoves. i regret i had not visited him. more so, that i had not emailed to let him know how much i appreciated his immediate response to a call for assistance.
i did not know about his passing until reading this now.
just recently i wrote a note about raising the funds to get him to kenya.
but he was already gone then.
i hope my note did not cause upset for those who knew?
i knew some big news would reach me this day.
a joey sprinted across the road in front of my car.
traffic slowed... drivers were stunned to see it amidst the urban chaos.
i've been nervous all day waiting for a phone call.
thank you sincerely for this email.
i'm gonna go look at the stars for a bit...

I will miss Geoff,

his summary of the Asian conference was my most memorable read of any posting on this list

I prune many trees, have missed Geoff's fate by inches several times, I will honor him now by re-'Groking' every risk, listening deeply for, and acting on, that almost unconscious voice of warning.

My sympathies to his family...

[to his biochar mailing list]
It is with great sorrow that I inform you that my school mate and renewable energy soul mate of 45 years Geoff Moxham died while cutting wood to make biochar.

Geoff was renown for his smoke bombs at high school and he and I use to concoct evil brews together in our science classes. He was a pioneer in a range of renewable energies and was involved in a developing sustainable community in Northern NSW.

He was also a great teacher and inspired many younger people to follow a path of sustainability. He was a presenter at the May Biochar conference in Australia and was planning to get local manufacture underway in Northern NSW.

His funeral and wake are on friday and it is probable that he will be serenaded with the biochar blues.


Kate, I never had the privilege of meeting your brother Geoff, yet he touched my life through you. And because of that I was  saddened to hear of his death - and so very sad for you.
My thoughts were with you often during your stay for Geoff's funeral. Thoughts also strayed to the changed way I see the world and the importance of our care of it.
Yes there is much written & said of such things but the greater awareness was woken in me through your emails & links to Geoff's very intelligent thoughts. He would never have known of this 'strangers' changing thoughts  because of him; so as the card says: 
Some people make a difference just by being who they are, their  inner light shines bright & touches lives both near &  far..."
Darling Kate, may your beautiful memories of Geoff be as a warm embrace to comfort you now & always.
I send you my love & hugs.... xx

we who are left grow old...

I guess it will feel weird without him for some time

Oh well, he did get to realise some of his dreams, which is part of
having a rich life....

My heartfelt condolences to you and all who loved him.
I am a subscriber on your YouTube channel.
I have been playing with retorts and a TLUD in my organic backyard bio experiment.
I was joyed by his inquiring persona and was about to make contact as I feel we are similar earth souls.
I feel sorrow now that I won't meet one that has touched me from afar. Your loss must be great... it is felt here.
May you move forward in the knowledge that this man was loved by many and his love and wit has touched many.
Kind regards...

Condolence Messages
from the Book at the Funeral and the Wake.

I’ll miss your loving hugs, brother
Rest in Peace.

Fondly known, Fondly remembered

Loved and treasured forever

Geoff – what a gem.
You ? my mind and brightened my world.

Geoff – your one of a kind, a rare spirit….lots of love

Geoff, I loved your friendly nature and your great warrior spirit.

Lets note the spirit lives on forever.

Sorry to lose you Geoff. We’ll all miss your free spirit. Hope you’ve gone to a good place, mate.

Travel well, my best ‘bush engineer’ friend! Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha.
Love and Blessings.

Be glad, be glad for the song has no ending. Bless you

A great life Geoff!

Your energy as a person will be missed but always remembered – I’ll think of you every time I see charcoal.

Thank you Geoff
With love

Go in peace
You were an inspiration to us all

Geoff, you gave so much to us all.
Love and peace.

Way too soon

Thank you for the divine light which shone from you.

Life, death, life. All the best

Geoff, I’d only known you a short time, but a fine bloke I’d found you to be. Rest, peace – mate.

Thanks Geoff, you were a great neighbour = always there mate. (We’ll miss you, and yeah we’ll look out for Ness)

A privilege to have known you geoff. Glad you were alive to celebrate my 60th with me.

We have lost a good friend.
The earth has lost a fine warrior.

Thanks for being a special friend to so many.

Ness + kids may love be with you forever.

There will be tai chi eternally

Shine on brightly brother.

So long Geoff, we’ll miss you friend

Many thousands of thanks for your beautiful support over all the years and especially for the one and only original, so specially crafted Hemp Olympics Torch!

Thanks Geoff for being one of the great people in our world – your drive and passion for your great beliefs will be sadly missed – I’ll keep some char in memory.

Farewell brave soul.

Thank you - om shanti

See ya fellow traveller

Hey Geoff, you should see all the people here mourning your loss. We are bound by the moon in Cancer and the memories are eternal.

Geoff in you I met a mighty mind, and through you your wonderful family, Thank you

Have a nice rest Geoff, lots of love

Dearest Geoff,
So many happy memories – much love

Geoff you were the best mad professor on ya.

Geoff, so bright a life – Shine on.

Dear Geoff, love life with your friend and family have a lovely voyage.

Only happy memories, peaceful thoughts, I’ll see you in a sunrise

Farewell Geoff – thanks for the gifts you have left us and the planet. You are much loved and will always be remembered.

Om Ah Hung Vajra Padme Siddhi Hum

Dear Geoff – your good heart, your fire mind, your passion and vision and mostly the shining presence of your being, will be sadly missed in our community.

May Gaia and Buddha bless you always in all ways

Always remember you as the head Astro boy; that’s the “Alternative Scientific Research Organisation”

Dear Geoff, I’ll always remember how you fixed our car when we broke it on your road – always innovative – and you missed a party for it too!

Geoff, Will never forget those science discussions and the time with that Hyd welder etc. Hope the knowledge of the magnetic fields goes with you.

Beautiful, caring, gentle, intelligent.
Don’t worry brother we will keep going with the bio-char work.

Compassion, humility, humorous, fun, heart man, Thanks for touching my life Geoff, elder, and inspiring. I’ve done 3 x 44 gal drums of charcoal since we met for blacksmithing and cooking. So much to say Brother, heartfelt blessings upon blessings.

All things in all times and all places are one thing and that one thing is love.

Beautiful of Tara group – Tare Tare Tare

Life is a precious gift – yours is so precious to us all

Geoff, you’re such a beautiful being
Absolutely irreplaceable
God speed my brother

Geoff – as inspiring and awesome as anyone

Geoff – your kindness touched my soul – I’ll never forget what you did for me. I’m honoured to have glimpsed you.

Geoff my brother, hope to see you in the essence of spirit in our future. In my heart you remain.
Love you always

Geoff “Mr. Moxham”, it was a pleasure to have known you, “oh boy”, I will remember the many enjoyable afternoon teas we shared at the old house in Molesworth St., you will be fondly remembered by me and my family, it was a “joy!” to experience fatherhood at the same time as each other, our children will remain friends and ‘love’ each other as sister and brother for the rest of their lives. That I’m sure of.
Shine on you crazy diamond

Love all ways

Jeff love you
Wishing U best Always
Lots of love for the family

Dear geoff – deep gratitude to you for your commitment and deep caring for the earth and family

Geoff It was a privilege to have known you

Farewell old friend
We’ll continue our conversations on another realm.

Thank God for you dear brother – I’ll miss the wonderful meetings we’ve had at the Channon when our spirits connected and we both knew we were kindred spirits in the journey to help the planet and give a beautiful future to our kids. I’ll always connect with you, Geoff, in my heart. Love and Peace.

All Blessings Geoff: go in light and love

Blessed be our Geoff
Love always

Farewell Geoff. It’s sad to see you go. I am glad you made it is far as you did as many others have passed away tragically at a much younger age.
I was fascinated to hear about the many different facets of your life that I had no idea about, growing up around you. I hope that an afterlife exists and that you are on another journey of knowledge.
Farewell, love you always

Elegant in life!
Elegant in death!

We’ve lost a real forest brother and a dazzling radiant smile that will linger on forever

Dearest Uncle Geoff and Vanessa and family,
Truly a beautiful celebration and farewell – he was a beautiful soul.
Loving prayers and thoughts

Darling brother,
No words can say what I think and feel - only you know.
Go carefully and be free
Love forever

To my dearest Daddy, My Teacher!!
You have always been my pool of knowledge. I will always remember the mantras and moments of peace we shared and the songs !!!!I love you always. Fly High.
Om Mani Padme Hum

S.R.A. Wonder that spiraled thru many peoples lifetimes.
Thank you for visiting thru mine
Respect and Wonder

Fly free Geoff

Dearest dearest Geoff, thank you for your love
Thank you for your sincerity
Thank you for believing in me
I’m gonna miss ya,
Brother, Mentor, Elder, Friend

No wonder you were so intelligent – you were so connected and heartfelt. Polymath and connector of spirit of humanness – I miss you and through the loss of you, your qualities and mission and ethics light up in me, you live on in us. Thank you for the mindfulness.

I’ll remember you Geoff
Thanks for your true appreciation of my music, and know that I can only hope to reciprocate that towards your work and its results in your memory. There’s a hole in the world for now…. I’ll try to my best to help fill it with sounds for you. Your family is in safe hands. You are loved.

Dear Geoff,
I love you and miss you heaps even though I must let go, where ever you are I hope its grand, I can feel your joy love and deepest respect, your true friend.

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