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Geoff at Biochar demo in Nimbin 22/8/09
Geoff Moxham - fatal accident
On Thursday afternoon, 27th August 2009, Geoff was fatally injured in a freak accident in the forest on his community at Terania Creek. While cutting 'pole trees' for the new kiln roof rafters, some vines that were entangled in a nearby tree behind him, pulled down the top of that tree which fell where he was standing.

It is a sad loss for everyone and we are all very shocked. Thanks for all your supportive emails. You can find more information about the funeral... here. Please send any pix, videos and tributes to: webmaster at bodgershovel dot com

What's New
- 90 minutes of Geoff at his best... great new biochar lecture video
- Geoff's last lecture - 90 minute video
- Biochar Workshop: Hands on Education Camp
- International Biochar Initiative... become a Charter Member

- NE Biochar Conference... Download Paul Taylor's PowerPoint presentation 5.1mb
- new videos... a recent interview with Geoff, a new BioChar kiln demo, inverted drum pyrolyser plus some old videos that were removed are now on the Video page plus a new one showing Geoff with his solar collector;
- new links... there are new Links sourced from Geoff's emails plus a selection of 44 web references of Geoff in articles and forums;
- old audio... the links on the Audio page are all working again;
- funeral pages... there are new Photos, new Condolences, new Stories plus downloads of the Funeral Program flyer.

Welcome to my Bodger's Hovel
Bodgers were medieval wood workers and char-burners. They lived in coppiced forests in houses called hovels. Bodgey came to mean 1/2 done, or dodgey workmanship, yet 1/2 done is exactly the right way to make charcoal... PERFECT!!! The Bodger's Hovel features positive and constructive responses to our predicament and offers a black-humoured view of life after the oil-crash. We explore here renewable energy, especially charcoal for fuel, transport and agricultural fertility, and solar if you have sun
.  Acknowledgments
I need to acknowledge and suggest to all readers that the very best information clearing house, bar none, is You need to add it to your toolbar, and check daily. 

RunningOnEmptyAustralia is a Yahoo group. You just have to join... takes 60 sec's. A delightful bunch of hyper intelligent rat bags. More an observation deck really, as we barrel over the lemming-cliff.  Moderated by talented life-boater Mike Stasse.

James Howard Kunstler is simply the funniest US commentator who knows what’s going on.  He writes an hilarious new chapter of the Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle, prescient high prose, each week on Mondays [Tuesdays in Oz]. If you don’t get a chuckle, I will eat my charcoal.

BIOCHAR REVOLUTION and by Paul Taylor - must read.

Topic Downloads
Each of these links below was supposed to download a zipped folder that will unpack info and pix on your computer and this works fine on a Mac but it seems this does not happen on a PC. As of 7th March 2009 all the folders have been reprocessed to work better with PC format.
We are also converting all these downloads into web pages starting with the Heavy Topics column. Each Topic webpage opens in a new window.
Download all the files listed below on just one link here (32mb).

Light Topics
Practical Topics
Heavy Topics
Philosophy of spirit (200k)
A collection of thought-provoking views on how our minds can be aware of and cope with the stressors of powering down a high energy culture.
Transition (316k)
Mainly essays on how communities are facing Powerdown, including Transition Towns, Relocalising, & preparing for Peak Oil.
This is reality, conte
This is the Very Red Pill page. If you really want to become aware of our predicament, read it all. If you want [temporary] blissful ignorance and more Lies-to-Children go to MSN. Download folder here.
Good news (808k)
Mainly apparently good news, much of which depends on the unlikely prospect of civilised humans, a convivial climate, and continued oil supplies.
Peakoil preparation (540k)
Some hints and commentary on preparing for peakoil in your own situation.
Peakoil (3.3mb)
A collection of the intelligent and consistent evidence pointing to peakoil, including some lovely graphs.
Sustainability (140k)
Commentary, ideas and writings on sustainability and practices on the small holding like permaculture.
Comfortable survival (2.8mb)
Some ideas on survival and "Possum Living" if times get really tough.

Capitalism (548k)
Some classic and devastatingly convincing arguments as to why capitalism is thoroughly dead.

Humour (220k)
Some jokes and humorous angles on the crash, with one or two classic Kunstler fugues.

Charcoal (4.9mb)
This has everything you wanted to know about charcoal, and making it safely and efficiently.

Collapse (372k)
This folder specifically contains Overshoot, Collapse, and Dieoff topics, and is a good lesson in exponential growth limits.
Kilns (3.2mb)
Details of kiln design in text and jpeg form, including Gasifiers, and charcoal and woodgas stoves.

Commentary on USA (544k)
Samples of the best commentators on the decline of the US empire , including Kunstler, Heinberg, Klare and especially Dimitry Orlov.

Carbon negative power (996k)
Some hopeful ways towards a carbon negative power and transport system after the the dust has settled.

Climate crisis (380k)
Writings from the world on the predicaments planet earth finds itself in including CO2, warming and dimming.

Parabolic solar (3.4mb)
Lots and lots of solar cooker and dish pictures and two text files

Why work? (44k)
Some enlightening essays on the stupidity of strapping yourself to a flaming wheel that is CAREERing over a huge lemming-cliff.


Railbikes (5.0mb)
Mainly pictures of the best solution to reclaiming the tracks I have seen. Very subversive fun for the whole family, will be the way.

Clathrates (32k)
Clathrates, methane hydrate ices, lie on the arctic seabed. They may cause a "Permian extinction" (94%) by 2100, even if we stopped our CO2 today.

Traditional bodgers (940k)
Some pictures of springpole lathes working, and hovels, from a UK site and some explanations.
Terrapreta (368k)
Terrapreta is a viridian low tech response to man's CO2. If everyone buried a tonne of charcoal a year we would balance our current madness. Imagine if we keep doing it after the oil crash.
Low-cost, Low-emission
Charcoal Kiln Design

Elements, Version 1,
1st November 2008.
View online or Download
in .rtf format (15kb)
Charcoal at the bottom
of your garden, anyone?

View online
or Download
in PDF format (920kb)
This is a 9 page PDF article by Geoff explaining about charcoal,
how to make it and use it in agriculture.